Greenhouse is a leadership growth and development program at The Village Chapel that exists to cultivate wise and godly leaders who know and love God’s Word, are strong in character and compassion, and skillful in ministry and mission.

Greenhouse Summit is a one-day spiritual leadership retreat to cultivate wise and godly leaders who know and love God, His word and His people.

If you have not yet been able to commit to an entire semester of Greenhouse in your current season, this one-day option may be fitting for you. If you have already completed Greenhouse, this one-day retreat would be a great addition to the work you have already done. You will be refreshed and renewed as we study, eat meals together and dive deep into what Christian leadership looks like in our time. At the end of Greenhouse Summit, we hope that participants will have gained:

  • A deeper love for God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • A growing hunger for His Word
  • A more passionate commitment to the mission of God at TVC 
  • A sturdier understanding of each individual’s role in God’s mission, wherever they are planted

When: Next date TBD

Where: The Village Chapel

Cost: $50 per person; Includes breakfast, lunch, books and resources

Childcare is available if there is a need.

Please contact Cora Cluver with any questions about upcoming events.

The readings left me feeling like I have been discipled by some of the best Christian thinkers of our time.

Mel Smith

I lived in a small world of comfortable theology. I thought that I knew the basic concepts of Christian thinking, yet this course helped me expand my perimeters of thought. I had thought earlier, that the older I had gotten, the less answers would be required. This course simply made me realize that there are many more questions to ponder.

Tim Polston

Greenhouse opened my mind to the larger world of Christian thought and script. If nothing else, it showed me that I had so much more to read, and consider.

Tim Polston

Greenhouse provided the opportunity to meet and build deeper relationships with the staff and others in the classes.

Karen Wells

The gifts of the One Year Bible, and the Zondervan Study Bible have enriched my relationship with God. I’m on my third year reading through the Bible because of the encouragement from the teachers and the gift Bibles I received at Greenhouse.

Tony Higginbotham

I’m convinced that TVC’s Greenhouse program should be taken by everyone who considers themself a member of our church. There is a tremendous amount of invaluable information that every reformed believer should have a firm understanding of including church history, basic theology, and introduction to apologetics. Understanding “Why” we believe puts legs on what we believe.

Dan Needham

The Greenhouse program is wonderful! I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to take part in the 2020 edition and it was such a strengthening & encouraging experience (especially right at the beginning of quarantine). The books that we were assigned to read, the deep, enriching discussions that we had as a group and the teaching given by our pastoral leaders, were all extremely beneficial for where I am in my life and were so helpful in stimulating much-needed spiritual growth.  I would highly recommend!!!

Jan Simenon
Greenhouse is excellent overview of theology, church history, and traditions formed over 2000 years that shape TVC today.
Mel Smith

The highlight of Greenhouse for me was getting to know and build relationships with other TVCers who are serious about their faith.

Bill Wells
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