Counseling & Support

At various points in our lives, issues may arise or emotions may surface that require more help than your church staff can provide. To help point you in the right direction, we provide the following resources. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we believe these trusted organizations, ministries and groups are a great place to start.

Crisis Information

Crisis hotline: 615-244-7444 Suicide: 1-800-SUICIDE  (1-800-784-2433)

Individual, Couples and Family Counseling Resources

These are some of the many wonderful counselors who come to TVC and who we utilize for general counseling needs as well as for our official TVC premarital counseling program. For additional recommendations, feel free to contact [email protected]

Karin Bronleewe, MMFT
[email protected]

Stephen Navyac, LMFT
[email protected]

Paige Clayton Greene, Professional Counselor (under supervision)

Kari Needham, LPC-MHSP
Cypress Counseling Group
[email protected]

Agency Ministry Partners

Lantern Lane Farm

The Refuge Center for Counseling
[email protected]

Connect For Coffee

Connect For Coffee offers an opportunity for two women or two men to meet virtually one-to-one to walk through life. As our culture shifts and loneliness becomes more pervasive, so does the need to connect within the Body of Christ. Connect For Coffee connects older Coffee Hosts with younger Coffee Guests for the purpose of encouraging and nurturing a daily walk of faith. This opportunity is open to those committed to TVC as their home church. Learn more here.


Our GriefShare class brings connection to those dealing with the loss of a loved one. This twelve-week group listens to video interviews with experts, shares stories with one another during group discussions and, most importantly, focuses on drawing near to God as He guides each individual on their personal journey. If you are interested in joining our next group, email [email protected].

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