TVC Home Groups

Know and be known

  • Cultivate Discipleship
  • Nurture Relationship
  • Maintain Fellowship
At The Village Chapel we believe in developing community that doesn’t feel forced. Instead of having permanent, assigned small groups based on your zip code or the first letter of your last name, you can choose any group you want. 

For your convenience, they’re sorted by area of town. Each group involves a time of fellowship, discussion and prayer, but they develop different personalities based on the people who attend. Some groups require a semester-long commitment while others are open for those who need the flexibility to come and go or who want the freedom to try a few different groups before settling in. Click on any group for more information. 

Interested in hosting or leading a group? Email our home groups staff!

TVC Home Groups Staff

Ryan Motta

Director of Student Ministries & Home Group Development

Matt Pierson


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