“We are sent into the world, like Jesus, to serve.  For this is the natural expression of our love for our neighbors.  We love.  We go.  We serve.”  –John Stott

At The Village Chapel, we realize the Christian church does not exist merely for itself. We are here first and foremost to glorify God, and then second, to become the arms of Jesus reaching out to a broken and hurting world.

This outreach-minded mission requires two things: words and deeds. The words of the Christian mission proclaim the good news of God’s grace offered in Christ Jesus. The deeds of the Christian mission involve reaching out in love to help the helpless, to bring comfort to the grieving, to bring justice to the oppressed and relief to the poor.

As a church, we live this out by giving away 15 percent of the tithes and offerings we take in to assist worthy organizations in their ongoing work. This means that through your generous financial support of The Village Chapel, you already support dozens of ministries, both local and international. These include a wide range of ministries that focus on the important works of evangelism, justice and mercy.

For information on the dozens of specific missions organizations TVC supports financially, CLICK HERE.

Missions Highlight: Begin Anew

Begin Anew is a non-profit ministry bringing adult education to some of the most vulnerable persons in Middle Tennessee. They believe everyone deserves a chance to begin anew and to walk a journey to a brighter future. They seek to minister holistically to every individual by addressing economic poverty through education opportunities, social poverty through mentoring and building community, and spiritual poverty by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Operating in locations in both Davidson and Williamson Counties, Begin Anew offers Bible study, High School Equivalency, English Language Learning and Computer and Job Skills classes. Volunteers are needed to serve as virtual or in-person instructors, tutors, prayer partners or mentors/encouragers. For more information visit www.beginanew.org
Find out more about the missions we support here.

Missions Highlight: Front Porch Ministries

Front Porch

In 2004, Thom and Michele Hazelip bought a home in inner-city Nashville, only a few blocks from the housing projects in East Nashville. Shortly thereafter, they opened their front porch, as well as the rest of their home and personal lives, in Christian ministry to the at-risk kids and families of the area. Today, Front Porch Ministry is a thriving ministry, focused on living in relationship with the neighbors they serve. Their motto is: “Impact begins with relationship” and through that relationship they are powerfully and beautifully showing the love of Jesus to their neighbors. Thought the COVID pandemic and since March 2020 they have been serving 60–75 families every week giving out meals, essentials, care and cleaning items, diapers and $15 Kroger cards to each family. From this point forward, families wanting to continue with assistance have agreed to participate in 8 weeks of life skill classes. Volunteers support Front Porch Ministry in a HUGE way. For more information visit: www.frontporch.house.
Find out more about the missions we support here.

Missions Highlight: Convoy of Hope

As a faith-based, nonprofit organization, Convoy of Hope helps empower others to live with greater independence and freedom from poverty, disease, and hunger. Today, more than 130 million people have been served throughout the world by Convoy of Hope. They are proud that they work through churches, business, government agencies, and other nonprofits to provide help and hope to those who are impoverished, hungry, and hurting. TVC has partnered with Convoy of Hope for years, largely through donations towards relief efforts during disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent devastating winter storms in Texas. To find out more about the ministry of Convoy of Hope visit convoyofhope.org.

Find out more about the missions we support here.

Missions Highlight: The Bridge/Revive Events

The Bridge/Revive Events was formed in 1998 by Tom and Patty Lane with Mike and Nancy Demus and has two components: Revive Youth Camps and International missions. The biannual Revive Youth Camps on the Gulf Coast and in Middle Tennessee have changed thousands of lives, drawing junior and senior high school youth closer to Jesus. The camps also provide a context and platform for recruiting and equipping post-high school young adults to grow in their faith as leaders, and many full-time ministers got started in Revive. The mission arm of The Bridge has short and long-term missionaries in Ecuador and South Africa. TVC contributions help provide Revive scholarships for youth who can’t afford camp, mainly those living in inner-city and refugee communities in Nashville. TVC members continue to be vital parts of the Revive leadership team. For more information, visit www.reviveevents.com.

Nashville Rescue Mission

Nashville Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community committed to helping the hungry, homeless, and hurting by providing programs and services that focus on a person’s entire life—physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social. They are devoted to restoring the whole person through a Christian approach that helps the homeless and addicted learn how much God loves them and gain the biblical insight they need to lead a productive life in and for Christ. Over the years, TVC has remained an important financial partner to Nashville Rescue Mission, supporting the organization in its mission to provide hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and hope for eternity for all who walk through its doors. For more information, visit nashvillerescuemission.org.

Find out more about the missions we support here.

Missions Highlight: Siloam Health

Siloam Health is a local nonprofit health care organization which provides whole-person medical care for the underserved, promotes community health among marginalized immigrants and refugees, and offers student education for the next generation of health care providers. Their vision is that neighbors from all nations are empowered to lead physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy lives and to feel at home in our community. Siloam’s mission is to share the love of Christ by serving those in need through health care. Beyond the monetary support, Siloam is also grateful for TVC’s direct involvement with 3 staff members, a Board member, a volunteer nurse and a refugee support volunteer helping us carry out their mission. They have a variety of volunteer needs and opportunities. For more information visit: www.siloamhealth.org.

Find out more about the missions we support here.

2020 End of Year Missions

Servant Leadership Council and Missions Board member and TVC Director of Finance Scott Hatcher reminds us of the impact of our 2020 tithes and offerings at The Village Chapel.

Missions At Home

Many of us are looking for ways to serve our community through this time of “social distancing”. We have compiled a list of projects you can complete with your family from the safety of your own home to serve the missions we support. Learn more here.

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