When we say DNA, we are referring to the distinctives that identify the culture of The Village Chapel. These are the things that often describe a church, or give it a tone or feel. DNA, if you will, is the primer that bleeds through what we do and who we are. This might be seen as a shorthand way of getting to know us a little better.

DNA Distinctives:

  • Verse-by-verse Bible teaching
  • Congregational prayer
  • Relational engagement
  • Local and international mission opportunities
  • Musical worship that is God-directed, Christ-centered, and congregationally accessible
  • Children’s ministry that is creatively intentional in training young worshippers
  • Support and practice of the arts
  • One church, two campuses

Some values we hope describe us:

  • Authenticity, organic, understated, welcoming
  • Grace-filled and motivated
  • A wellspring instead of a fire hose, a campfire instead of a lightning bolt
  • Aesthetically mindful
  • Known by what we are for, not what we are against
  • Expressing the Gospel in both words and deeds
  • In the essentials: unity; in the non-essentials: liberty; in all things: charity!
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