Mark 6:30-44

Welcome to Timeless Truth with Pastor Jim Thomas. In season 2, Pastor Jim is leading us in a study of Mark. Today’s passage is Mark 6:30-44.

If you’re going to take the adventurous road of following Jesus…

1. You won’t have a “send them away” attitude towards others. Sent ones sent by Jesus become serving ones.

2. You’ll be eager bring what you have to the Lord. There is nothing you have that has not been made available to you by the grace of God. He owns it all anyway and true freedom is found in returning to the Lord all that belongs to Him, including your time, resources and most of all, the affections of your heart!

3. You can trust your own needs will be met in Christ. 

“You can never be too small for God to use, only too big.”
– Warren Wiersbe

“Finding our true selves in Christ, we identify with him who loved us, follow his way of self-giving for God and for others, and thus continually find ourselves afresh in him. The Christian self both gives and finds itself in the love of Jesus Christ.”
– Richard Bauckham, Losing and Finding Self 

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