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1 John 3:1-10

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Discussion Questions

  1. Words and Deeds…practical living faith is essential to John (v18).  How are you living out your faith in practical ways?
  2. In verse 22, John is not saying that “God is a piñata and prayer is a stick.” Are there times when you pray this way? How can you change that?
  3. Love…begets Love…begets Love. How have you seen this principle play out in your own life?  Is there someone or something that needs your Love today?
  4. Who in your life deserves your honor but perhaps has not been high on your list to receive your honor?  Ask God to help you make a plan to begin.
  5. “Acrimony and outrage are the kudzu of our culture.”  What practical steps are you taking to strike the root of this in your own life?
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