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What is myTVC?

myTVC is the name of the online community for The Village Chapel. It is an Internet-based software application designed to promote communication and connection within our church community. It also provides the church staff with efficient and effective tools and systems to enable them to spend less time on administration and more time on ministry.

If you don’t have access to the Internet or aren’t very confident on the computer that does not mean you will be out of the loop when it comes to the programming and events at The Village Chapel. We believe in using a multi-platform approach and will continue to utilize printed materials such as the weekly bulletin and sign-up sheets to communicate with the church body.

We realize that a system like myTVC comes with a learning curve, but we’re confident that those who do invest in learning and using myTVC will find it to be an effective tool and will enjoy the benefits.

As a regular attender of The Village Chapel, we encourage you to become part of the myTVC online community! For more details on how to sign up or how to configure your account profile and get involved, email

CLICK HERE to sign up for myTVC

Is my information safe and private on myTVC?

While our website is public, the myTVC online community is private. Only those who have approved logins and passwords assigned to them can obtain access to the myTVC community. Users must be at least 12 years old, and only authorized church staff can see information for children under the age of 12. None of the data contained in myTVC will show up in any internet search engine. Additionally, individual members have the ability to set and manage their own “privacy settings” in order to personalize whatever level of privacy they feel most comfortable with.

While our database contains anyone who is on our mailing lists and our website is public, our online community is private in that only those who have login and passwords assigned to them can join in. After your request has been accepted, you will be given login and password information. You can decide whether to participate and whether your information will be “listed” to other online members or “unlisted.” Unlisted information is not seen by anyone beyond TVC staff who have administrative privileges.

What are the online community guidelines for use?

Please protect the privacy of fellow members! Violating any of the online community guidelines will result in blocked access and revoking your membership. By becoming a myTVC online community member you agree to the following rules of use:

myTVC is intended for personal and ministry use and not for solicitation of any kind. Please do not use it for business purposes or for ministry or groups outside of The Village Chapel church community. While it may be tempting to use this convenient form of communication to promote, advertise or inform people of what may be a good “opportunity,” we prefer that myTVC be used for encouraging, informing and connecting our community in regard to their spiritual lives and participation at TVC. If you have the slightest doubt about whether something is appropriate to post, we urge you to refrain from posting it.

Please protect the privacy of members by not giving their phone number or other information to others outside of the online community. If you would like someone’s number and they are unlisted, please ask them directly. The Village Chapel cannot give out this information without prior consent and our staff is directed to handle this private information with proper care and confidentiality.

Do not send emails that are not necessary and requested, e.g. jokes, stories, petitions, etc. Use the myTVC community with the appropriate courtesy for personal and friendly communication. Even if it’s interesting, funny or important, do not send unsolicited information. Do not add members to email lists outside myTVC without prior consent. Members who engage in discussions are not to “slam” other groups, churches or organizations or attempt to solicit members for outside groups or organizations. Keep the myTVC discussions and emails personal, positive and profitable, and refrain from any negative communication that does not edify the church body and its members. Please understand that discussions will be monitored by group leaders and church staff on a regular basis.

Members of myTVC who become inactive at The Village Chapel or who do not follow these guidelines and/or abuse the myTVC community will have their login access blocked and their membership revoked. Members are to inform the myTVC administrator of any problems or concerns encountered so they can be addressed expediently and properly.

Send any questions and/or concerns to:

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