AncoraTN works tirelessly to nurture survivor healing and strategically combat human trafficking in Tennessee. We seek to break cycles of exploitation and support survivors of human trafficking as they recover from their traumas—offering long-term, comprehensive aftercare services. Through educating communities and professionals, advocating for changes in legislation, and implementing prevention programming, AncoraTN works to stop human trafficking before it ever begins.

ATN thrives because of consistent and generous partnerships with faith communities like The Village Chapel (TVC). Since the very beginning, TVC has steadfastly supported ATN’s mission to serve survivors of human trafficking in Middle Tennessee. Because of this faithfulness, ATN has been empowered to remain a steady companion for survivors as they walk the long, winding, and hope-filled journey toward healing and restoration. From ATN’s founding as a volunteer-led organization to today with its 35-acre Survivor Restoration Campus, TVC’s support has paved the way for hope for survivors of human trafficking in our community.

  1. One-time group support: Volunteers assist with landscaping and other maintenance projects on the Survivor Restoration Campus, sorting and restocking the Survivor Needs Center, wrapping/preparing gifts for holidays, etc. These activities are scheduled as needed. 
  2. Individual support: Volunteers within specific career fields offer targeted support to meet a skill-based survivor’s needs (i.e., tattoo removal, cooking/nutrition classes, legal aid, haircuts, resume development, etc.). 
  3. Outreach support: Volunteer groups can gather supplies and prepare frozen meals for survivors across Middle Tennessee. By sharing your love of cooking, you can help meet a vital need and support survivors on their healing journeys.

For more information, visit To volunteer, contact Brenna Filbrun at

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