Join us Friday night, April 19, for one of three identical Good Friday services: 6 and 7:30 pm in the Chapel at TVC Main, and 6 pm at TVC East. 

Due to the special nature of this silent service, we ask that you make every effort to arrive on time. While all are welcome, those in attendance need to be able to follow along with the slides on the big screen (or via the PDF download, see below), so keep that in mind when planning for young children. You can reserve Nursery and Preschool spots at

FOR THOSE WITH VISION ISSUES: It can be difficult for some to follow along on Good Friday since the lights in the Chapel are dimmed. To help, we’ve made the text of the entire service available for download below. Print it out or download it to your device, so you can follow along during our Good Friday services.



Note:  If you are using Internet Explorer, you will not be able to see the document.  We recommend Chrome.




The Symbolism Behind Our Good Friday Services:

If you’ve ever been to a Good Friday service at TVC, you know it’s a unique experience.

Our desire is to take an hour and intentionally reflect on the most important event of all of history. Encountering it in a different way than we do our normal services allows us to step out of the ordinary and recognize the extraordinary moment that the cross truly is.

To make the most of your Good Friday experience this year, we wanted to share some additional insight into the meaning or symbolism behind the elements of this meaningful service:

the silence - this is a tone of reverence and reflection

the candles - we light them as a symbol of our presence, witness to the remembrance of the spectacle of grace that is the cross

the nails - we hold them throughout the service (rather than pick them up at the cross) to remind us of the consequence of our sin. It is inconvenient and uncomfortable, both for us and those around us

the bell to signal start - the ringing of a bell startles the silence to remind us that Christ was being crucified

hammering the nails - we do this to leave our sins at the cross, and remember that it was our own individual sins that held Him there

receiving communion - we partake immediately to remind us that His work on the cross was our forgiveness, a just satisfaction for our sins forever

raising the cross - as the cross is raised, we are all witness to all of our sins nailed there

draping of the cross - the drape is somber, symbolizing the death and burial

the crown-draped cross - adding the crown of thorns, reminds us of his earthly suffering servant crown

blowing out the candles - all went dark, figuratively (and even literally, temporarily) when He gave up His spirit and was separated from God

leave in the dark and silence - we exit the service in the somber awareness of His death, before the anticipation of His resurrection

Then on Easter morning, the children put flowers where the nails were in the cross. where there once was death, now there is life, symbolized by these fresh flowers.

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