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Our Children’s Ministry at TVC includes Nursery, Preschool and K-5 departments, providing unique spaces to nurture your kids’ spiritual development at each age and stage of their lives. Each of these ministries is available at all morning services on both campuses.

TVC Kids Worship Arts: Create & First Wednesdays

Our First Wednesdays are a wonderful time for the whole family! Kids of all ages are invited to join TVC Kids Worship Arts: Create on February 5 at 6 pm in Miss Jamie’s Classroom (Room 105). This will be a fun-filled evening for K-5th graders to learn more about God creating all things and honoring Him through the arts. Parents – mark your calendars for the return of our Biblical Thinking series that same evening. RSVP below!

Getting Started

Are you new to The Village Chapel? We know it can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know the routine, especially when it comes to kids’ programs. Fortunately, as soon as you enter the main building, newcomers can stop at the Kids’ Welcome Table where you will be greeted warmly and directed to the appropriate rooms for your children’s ages.

We’re so happy to have your children join us and look forward to getting to know them and you!


TVC Kids kicked off April with Mrs. Jamie and her talented team by raising their voices in praise. A great group of K-5 children learned a new song, which some of them will present as part of our Good Friday Kids Choir at the beginning of our Good Friday services at TVC Main.

TVC Kids: ACT!

On the first Wednesday in March, Mrs. Jamie and her talented team led nearly two dozen kids through a creative “act”-ivity that made a spiritual point. They acted out scenes from the Old and New Testaments, telling the story of salvation and having plenty of fun along the way.


TVC Kids Missions Project

Our big-hearted TVC Kids are gearing up for their annual missions project, making Valentine’s activity bags for young patients at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Parents will be dismissed from services early on Sunday, February 10, to help their kids fill goodie bags and pray together.

Sunday Morning Nursery RSVP

Please submit an RSVP for any of your children that will be in the Nursery (this includes ALL babies or toddlers). We want to ensure we maintain a low child-to-volunteer ratio for our smallest TVCers. Reservations are not needed for preschool or elementary-age children. To go to the form, or for instructions on how to save this as a shortcut on your phone, CLICK HERE. We can’t wait to see you and your little ones on Sunday!

Sunday Morning Nursery RSVP


We want TVC to be our kids’ favorite place, that’s why we have created a unique curriculum just for them in our TVC Kids department. What a privilege it is to partner with families each week, encouraging young worshippers! Our interactive service helps kids learn His word, experience passionate worship and begin to understand that loving and serving others is not only important, but fun too.

We are a creative bunch, so we use music, art, dance, drama, games and great books to communicate bible stories and principles. We use a “live it & learn it” approach, helping children see how each concept applies to their personal lives and helping them learn in a way that has lasting power. Most of all, TVC Kids know they are loved by their church family and by God, who will always be there for them. For more info, contact Children’s Ministry Director Jamie Kearney HERE or better yet, ask a TVC Kid. They will tell you all about it!

Nursery & Preschool

The Nursery gives infants, crawlers and young toddlers room to spread out and interact while Mom and Dad are in the service. It’s location at TVC Main also allows new parents the opportunity to remain nearby, taking advantage of our overflow seating in The Family Room, so they can check on Baby as needed. No matter which campus you attend, we have a notification system in place to quickly notify parents if a child suddenly needs them.

Our Preschool department is home to twos, threes and fours, offering three different classes to allow each age group the opportunity to interact with other children at their same developmental level. Each class features age-appropriate Bible lessons and craft projects, with basic biblical concepts being the main focus.

TVC staffs both our Nursery and Preschool departments with the same regular teachers, so your children see a familiar face each time they come through the door. Children are promoted to new classes annually, with older children moving downstairs to our TVC Kids ministry shortly after they start kindergarten. For questions, email [email protected] or [email protected].

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