At The Village Chapel, we recognize that your twenties and early thirties are a unique time in life when the focus is on starting a career, entering the workforce, attending grad school, establishing relationships and just trying to figure out life. We hope you will feel at home when you worship with us on Sundays and find community at our church-wide eventsmen’s or women’s studies, Home Groups and Second Saturdays of City Service. We also have a group specifically for you. 

Home Groups

Home Groups are an essential way to cultivate discipleship, nurture connection and maintain fellowship with others at TVC. We are not meant to walk the Christian life alone. For many, the care that happens in Home Groups makes the difference between isolation and belonging, hope and despair. We welcome and encourage you to plug in and find a group where you can serve and be served. 

Find a home group today!

Sunday School

Join us for Sunday School to enjoy a time of fellowship by decade! Connect with people of similar age and stage every week for community and meaningful conversation.

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