Mark 15:1-21

Welcome to Timeless Truth with Pastor Jim Thomas. In season 2, Pastor Jim is leading us in a study of Mark. Today’s passage is Mark 15:1-21

  • The religious leaders hated Jesus and wanted to do away with Jesus – Mark 3:6; 14:1; and 14:64-65; 15:1, 11
  • Pilate interrogated Jesus and tried to wash his hands of Jesus – Mark 15:2-5 and Matthew 27:24 
  • Barabbas was set free because of Jesus – v. 7-11
  • The Roman soldiers mocked Jesus – v. 16-20 
  • Simon the Cyrene served Jesus – v. 21

“He could have saved himself the agony. He could have saved himself from death. He could have saved himself from his mockers and torturers. He could have saved himself…but if he had done so, then he could not have saved us. For it was through his atoning death on our behalf, and by bearing our sins in his own body on the tree that we are saved.” 
Christopher J. H. Wright, To the Cross

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