January 10, 2020


Call To Worship

We Give You Thanks, O Lord

For all the gracious opportunities
and privileges of the passing week,
we give You thanks, O Lord.

For the kind invitation to
keep a day as holy unto You,
we give You thanks, O Lord.

For this house of worship
and these brothers and sisters,
we give You thanks, O Lord.

For the gift of song
and a voice to raise in worship,
we give You thanks, O Lord.

For the strong assurance of the Gospel,
for Your redeeming love, and the transforming
presence of your Holy Spirit,
we give You thanks, O Lord!

As we return to the cycle of common tasks,
keep us ever grateful for your good gifts.

As we come to worship You,
be the fountain of refreshment for our souls,
the purifying wind that cleanses our imaginations,
and the light that illuminates our minds
to see the timeless truths of Your Word.

We pray these things in the matchless
name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Song List:

“His Mercy is More” Matt Boswell & Matt Papa

“My Savior’s Love” Matt Boswell, Matt Papa & Keith Getty

“Praise to the Lord the Almighty” Joachim Neanderthal & Catherine Winkworth

“Great is Thy Faithfulness” Thomas Obadiah Chisholm & William Marion Runyan


Matthew Burgess – percussion
Maggie White – violin, vocals
Zach White – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Josh Wilson – vocals
Matt Butler – cello
Murph Wanca – Hammond organ
Matt Pierson – electric bass
Dan Needham – drums
Whit Stiles – electric guitar
Trannie Stevens – vocals
Fionan De Barra – acoustic guitar

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