February 2, 2020

Call To Worship:

God of Mercy

God of mercy,

You are full of tenderness and compassion,

Slow to anger, rich in mercy,

And always ready to forgive.

Grant us grace to renounce all evil

And cling to Christ,

That in every way we may prove

To be your loving children.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord,

Who lives and reigns with you

And the Holy Spirit, one God,

Forever and ever.


Hillsboro Village: 

“And Can it Be That I Should Gain?” Charles Wesley & Thomas Campbell

“May the Peoples Praise You” David Zimmer, Ed Cash, Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, & Stuart Townend

“He Will Hold Me Fast” Ada Ruth Habershan & Matthew Berker

“Lord From Sorrows Deep I Call” Matt Papa & Matt Boswell

“One Day (When We All Get To Heaven)” Beth Redman, Leonard Jarman, & Matt Redman

East Nashville: 

“Come People of the Risen King” Stuart Townend, Keith Getty, & Kristyn Getty

“Lift High the Name” Ed Cash, Fiona DeBarra, Keith Getty, & Kristyn Getty

“Grace Greater Than Our Sin” Julia H. Johnston

“The Lord is My Salvation” Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Nathan Nockles, & Jonas Myrin

“Jesus Paid It All” John Thomas Grape & Elvina Mabel Hall