August 4, 2019

Call to Worship:

Steady Dependence
John Wesley (edited)

Compose our spirits to a quiet and steady
dependence on your good providence,
that we may not be anxious for anything,
but by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving,
still make known our requests to you, our God. 

Help us to pray always and not faint;
in everything to give thanks,
and offer up the sacrifice of praise continually;
to rejoice in hope of your glory;
to possess our souls in patience;
and to learn in whatsoever state we are,
there to be content. 

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen!

Song List:


“Praise to the Lord The Almighty” Joachim Neander and Catherine Winkworth
“Revive Us Again” John Jenkins Husband and William Paton MacKay
“Come Thou Almighty King” Felice de Giardini
“God the Uncreated One (King Forevermore)” Aaron Keyes & Pete James
“Jesus is Mine” Catherine J. Boner, Jordan Kauflin, Keith Getty, Matthew Merker
“His Mercy Is More” Matt Boswell and Matt Papa 


“And Can it Be?” Charles Wesley
“May the Peoples Praise You” David Zimmer, Ed Cash, Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, and Stuart Townend
“Lord I Need You” Matt Maher, Krstian Stanfill, Christy Nockels, Daniel Carson, and Jesse Reeves
“Jesus Paid It All” John Thomas Grape and Elvina Mabel Hall
“Hallelujah, What a Savior” Phillip Paul Bliss