Jan 2014 - Jun 2014

Sermons in this series

Sun, Jun 22, 2014
Duration:41 mins 28 secs
This is our final study from the Old Testament book of Judges. Join Pastor Jim as he walks us through the outcome of Israel's idolatry and what we can learn from their mistakes. There's also abundant hope seen in the tenacity of God's grace toward repeat sinners from the text of this ancient story!
Sun, Jun 15, 2014
Duration:40 mins 20 secs
Pastor Jim walks us through the lessons of Judges 19 which serve as one of the most graphic displays of sinful humanity's capacity for depravity. What does it look like when a culture completely abandons God and His ways? What are the consequences of unbridled selfishness, greed, and lust? Don't miss the hard lessons of history and the hopeful message of God's grace to the guilty and undeserving sinners, such as we are!
Sun, Jun 08, 2014
Duration:44 mins 45 secs
Judges 17 and 18 tell one story of what life was like during the time of the Judges. It's a tragic story overflowing with family dysfunction, deceit, thievery, violence and idolatry. Join Pastor Jim for an overview and to see how this passage makes us long for the hope of the gospel of God's grace in Christ!
Sun, May 25, 2014
Duration:51 mins 30 secs
Samson was physically strong but weak in character and commitment. There is much we can learn from his story and much we can learn about the grace of God at work in his life as recorded in Judges 16. What are some of the things in our time that can make us spiritually weak or vulnerable? How does the book of Judges lead us to look for the perfect savior in Jesus Christ? Join Pastor Jim for this final study from the Samson narrative.
Sun, May 18, 2014
Duration:45 mins 28 secs
In Part 3 of the story of Samson, an explosive cycle of outrage and retaliation becomes a way of life between Samson and the Philistines. But in spite of it all, God is working to begin to deliver the Israelites from bondage and oppression. What can we learn about God and His sovereignty and grace, from this ancient account? Join Pastor Jim for this insightful study from Judges 15!
Sun, May 11, 2014
Duration:49 mins 47 secs
In Part 2 of our study of the record of Samson in Judges 14, Pastor Jim introduces us to what is perhaps the most well known of the Judges. But if Samson is a heroic figure, he is a tragic hero. What can we learn from the story of Samson's unusual life? What can we learn about the God of the Bible as we look at the impulsive actions and self-indulgence of a person like Samson?
Sun, May 04, 2014
Duration:45 mins 38 secs
Judges 13-16 record the story of Samson, perhaps the most well known of the Old Testament Judges. Who was Samson and what do we know about him? How does Samson fit into God's historic plan of redemption? How did Samson interact with God and what can we learn from the way God responded to Samson? Join Pastor Jim for this 3 part series on the last of the major judges.
Sun, Apr 27, 2014
Duration:38 mins 6 secs
Judges 12 wraps up the story of Jephthah, a smart and a very tough guy whom God used to lead the people of Israel into a season of relative freedom. But Jephthah's story also includes some rather difficult and tragic events, some of his own making, and creates in us a longing for a more faithful leader. Join Pastor Jim as he connects the dots between the Old Testament and New Testament to show us how Jesus Christ is the ultimate judge, savior and deliverer.
Sun, Apr 06, 2014
Duration:41 mins 7 secs
One of the most troubling and tragic passages in the entire Old Testament is the story of Jephthah's vow in Judges 11:29-40. What was the nature of the vow and how could the entire thing have been avoided? What does this story teach us about our misconceptions and lack of knowledge about God? Join Pastor Jim as he navigates this difficult passage to mine it for truths about the richness of God's grace and mercy.
Sun, Mar 30, 2014
Duration:39 mins 46 secs
Jephthah is mentioned in what has been called the Hall of Fame of Faith found in the New Testament book of Hebrews. And yet Jephthah was an outcast, an outlaw, and an exile. How did God use a person with such a difficult and broken past for His purposes in redemption history? What does that imply God might be able to do with us? Join Pastor Jim for one more look at the grace of God at work in the book of Judges!
Sun, Mar 23, 2014
Duration:42 mins 22 secs
Judges 10 preserves the record of the stories of two almost unknown judges: Tola and Jair. Who were they and what's so special about them? This chapter also raises interesting questions about God's patience with sinners and what authentic repentance looks like. Join Pastor Jim for an interesting look at true repentance and the grace of God both on full display in the Old Testament book of Judges!
Sun, Mar 16, 2014
Duration:42 mins 10 secs
Judges 9 is action packed as it recounts the story of blind ambition, nepotism, extortion, vengeance and violence. How did things get so bad in ancient Israel? Where was God in all of this? What does God one day intend to do about all the evil in the world? Join Pastor Jim for this look into the lessons of redemption history!
Sun, Mar 09, 2014
Duration:49 mins 12 secs
The faith of Gideon and the children of Israel went from good to great to gone. What happened to them and what can we learn from their spiritual decline? How does studying this account make us look for and long for the more faithful and greater deliverer, Jesus Christ?
Sun, Mar 02, 2014
Duration:48 mins 57 secs
Once again, the children of Israel had forgotten the Lord, turned and worshiped the false gods of Baal and the Ashteroth. So, God sold them into the hands of the marauding Midianites. After 7 oppressive years the children of Israel cried out to the Lord and God sent them a prophet with a word of truth, and then a deliverer in the person of Gideon. But God sent Gideon into battle with only 300 men to go up against 135,000 Midianites. With such insurmountable odds, what is the outcome, what does it teach us about God and about ourselves? Join Pastor Jim for this action packed study of Judges 7!
Sun, Feb 23, 2014
Duration:41 mins 14 secs
In the second study of Gideon, Pastor Jim leads us through what is perhaps the most well-known story about Gideon. Many of us have heard about Gideon's famous fleece. What was Gideon really doing with that fleece and does it serve in any way as a model for divine guidance? Can we receive guidance from God and if so, how?
Sun, Feb 16, 2014
Duration:49 mins 36 secs
Gideon was a man who was discouraged and defeated. His people had forgotten God, turned to worship idols, and God allowed the Midianites to ransack Israel for 7 years in a row. The people cried out to the Lord and this time, the Lord sent a prophet to speak to the leaders of Israel and the Angel of the Lord to visit Gideon. What was God's message through the prophet and why did the Angel of the Lord appear to Gideon? Was there still hope for redemption for the children of Israel? Join Pastor Jim for this hope-filled study of Judges 6!
Sun, Feb 09, 2014
Duration:48 mins 19 secs
After 20 years of severe oppression, the Lord set the children of Israel free. As you might imagine this evoked an exuberant celebration. What would that have looked and sounded like? Join Pastor Jim for a study of the Song of Deborah written over three millennia ago and found in Judges 5!
Sun, Feb 02, 2014
Duration:46 mins 15 secs
Deborah stands out in several ways among ancient Israel's Judges. In what ways was she different and how did God use this amazing woman in His plan of redemption for His people? How does Deborah point us forward to look to and hope in Jesus Christ? Join Pastor Jim for the answers in our study of Judges 4.
Sun, Jan 26, 2014
Duration:47 mins 23 secs
What can we learn about God from the stories of the Old Testament Judges? What about all the violence we read about in the Old Testament? What was the reason for it and how did God use the Judges in the lives of ancient Israel? Join Pastor Jim as he begins to unpack answers to these questions and more!
Sun, Jan 19, 2014
Duration:43 mins 25 secs
The Judges of ancient Israel were raised up by God, empowered by God and used by God to deliver God's repeatedly wayward people. And yet, each of the Judges themselves and the overall storyline of the book about these Judges point forward to an ultimate deliverer and judge, Jesus Christ. Join Pastor Jim as he connects the dots for us between these ancient personalities from the Old Testament and the person and work of Jesus Christ.
Sun, Jan 12, 2014
Duration:38 mins 26 secs
The book of Judges opens with Israel seeking God and obeying God. But things deteriorate rather quickly as the children of Israel begin to ignore God's Word and warnings. What can we learn from their success and failure? What do we learn about God from the beginning pages of this ancient text? What still applies to us some three thousand years later?
Sun, Jan 05, 2014
Duration:37 mins 8 secs
The Old Testament book of Exodus begins with the death of Joseph. The book of Joshua begins with the death of Moses. The book of Judges begins with the death of Joshua. Who were these people known as Judges? What timeless truths do these amazing historical records of God's dealings with His people teach us? Is the God of the Old Testament the same God as the God of the New Testament? How does a book like Judges point forward to the coming of Jesus Christ? Join Pastor Jim for an introduction to this action packed book that overflows with the message of God's amazing grace for repeat sinners!

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