Guest Sermons

Guest Sermons
Oct 2008 - Sep 2017

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Guest Sermons
Sun, Sep 24, 2017
Duration:35 mins 6 secs
Guest speaker Pastor Tony Giles walks us through Psalm 77, another of the Bible's ancient songs overflowing with both honest desperation and bold confidence in our loving God. Here we find God's grace enabling us to face anxieties, ask tough questions, and trust God's steadfast love and faithfulness.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jan 01, 2017
Duration:31 mins 37 secs
Gilbert Lennox is the founding pastor of Glenabbey Church near Belfast in Northern Ireland. Join Gilbert for this inspiring study from 1 Timothy in which he highlights the essence of the Christian gospel and how we can find real life by trusting Jesus Christ as our Savior, Redeemer and King.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Sep 18, 2016
Duration:45 mins 30 secs
How do we react when confronted by the authorities of this world and the demands they make of us? This short episode from Matthew outlines a response that is rooted in who God is, and how He relates to us.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jul 31, 2016
Duration:38 mins 21 secs
Drawing from Matthew 16:13-18, Dr. Dan Doriani from Covenant Theological Seminary talks about "The Challenge of Our Age”. What does it mean to be followers of Jesus Christ in a culture like ours? Is it possible to navigate the turbulence of our times and remain faithful to Christ, to the scriptures and to God's mission for the church? Join Dr. Doriani as he talks about 1. The foundation of the church 2. The challenge to the church and 3. The faithfulness of the church.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jul 10, 2016
Duration:40 mins 23 secs
We may be surprised to learn that racial reconciliation isn’t a modern idea, but was one of the first issues the New Testament church had to address. In fact Ephesians 2 and 3 insist that this very reconciliation — making peace between Jew and Gentile — is one of the reasons Jesus came.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jun 05, 2016
Duration:43 mins 13 secs
The history of Israel’s kings begins, not with the accounts of generals or great rulers, but with the story of a broken-hearted, barren woman from the hill country. From Hannah’s song we learn that the God who holds the mighty in His hand, also carries the weak in His heart.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jul 06, 2014
Duration:39 mins 2 secs
Guest speaker, Pastor Mike Minter, invites us to take a closer look at the familiar story of "The Prodigal Son" from Luke 12.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jul 06, 2014
Duration:37 mins 6 secs
Guest speaker, Pastor Mike Minter, challenges us to reconsider the lost discipline of Biblical meditation as an important part of our spiritual growth.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jun 29, 2014
Duration:35 mins 32 secs
Psalm 73 is one of the great gems on the Psalter. It's the honest, raw and encouraging story of Asaph, a chief musician in the history of Israel's worship. Asaph gives us the gift of great vulnerability, and the record of his return to a fresh experience of the God of all grace. This Psalm demonstrates how the gospel gives us freedom to stop our posing and pretending, that we might enjoy the gift of repentance and renewal.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Sep 29, 2013
Duration:34 mins 29 secs
Guest preacher Kevin Twit discusses the role of holy 'groaning' as mentioned in Galatians 4.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Sep 01, 2013
Duration:40 mins 42 secs
John Thompson continues his series on the book of James, focusing on the first part of chapter 5: The Misuse of Riches and the Fruits Only the Spirit Can Grow.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Apr 28, 2013
Duration:37 mins 7 secs
James 4: The Root and Remedy of Christian Conflict.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Dec 30, 2012
Duration:42 mins 14 secs
Guest speaker Gilbert Lennox teaches on future, present and past from 1 Peter.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jul 15, 2012
Duration:36 mins 5 secs
The last 15 chapters of Exodus tell us about not only the building of the tabernacle, but also something about the character of God, and about God's great desire -- to dwell in the midst of his people.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jun 03, 2012
Duration:39 mins 43 secs
John Thompson looks at Teachers, Taming the Tongue and Two Kinds of Wisdom in James 3. Part 3 of a series.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jun 19, 2011
Duration:50 mins 13 secs
Steve Guthrie discusses the importance of Genesis 38, the story of Tamar and Judah.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jan 02, 2011
Duration:35 mins 24 secs
Dr. Steve Guthrie, a Professor at Nashville's Belmont University, speaks from Matthew chapter 11, highlighting verses 25-30.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Oct 31, 2010
Duration:49 mins 20 secs
Created in God's image
Guest Sermons
Sun, Oct 24, 2010
Duration:37 mins 29 secs
Wisdom Under Pressure.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jun 06, 2010
Duration:43 mins 27 secs
The Scandal of Happily-Ever-After.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jan 03, 2010
Duration:42 mins 4 secs
John Thompson takes a look at the book of Jonah.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Nov 08, 2009
Duration:47 mins 40 secs
Living in the Presence of a Holy God.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Jun 14, 2009
Duration:40 mins
Study of Shiph'rah & Pu'ah in Exodus 1 by John Thompson from the 11 am service on June 14th, 2009.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Mar 15, 2009
Duration:42 mins 21 secs
Study of 1 Corinthians 13 by John Thompson from the 6 pm service on March 15th, 2009.
Guest Sermons
Sun, Feb 22, 2009
Duration:37 mins 52 secs
Study of the Levite and his Concubine in Judges 19 by Dr. Steve Guthrie from the 9 am service on February 22nd, 2009.

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