Missions Highlight: Touchstone Youth Resource Services

The mission of Touchstone Youth Resource Services is to inspire change by helping youth envision a hopeful future, embrace positive options, and engage in real steps toward a better life. Every day, we’re losing teens to discouragement, despair, even death. The students Touchstone serves have struggles—with school, with their relationships with parents or friends, and many times with God. Far too many students lack the social and emotional resources they need to build a successful life. Kids drop out of school, out of relationships, and potentially drop out of life. The work of Touchstone is to see that young people are restored to the life God intended for them. For more information, visit www.tyrs.org.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=touchstone%20youth%20resource%20services
Instagram @touchstoneyouth
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