Missions Highlight: The Bridge / Revive


The Bridge was formed in 1998 by Tom & Patty Lane with Mike & Nancy Demus and has two components: Revive Youth Camps and international missions. The biannual Revive Youth Camps on the Gulf Coast and in Middle Tennessee have changed thousands of lives, drawing junior and senior high school youth closer to Jesus. The camps also provide a context and platform for recruiting and equipping post high school young adults to grow in their faiths as leaders and many full-time ministers got started in Revive. The missions arm of The Bridge has short and long term missionaries in Ecuador and South Africa. TVC contributions help provide Revive scholarships for youth who can’t afford camp, mainly those living in the inner city and refugee communities in Nashville. TVC members continue to be a vital part of the Revive leadership team.

Find out more about the missions we support here.

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