Missions Highlight: Front Porch Ministries

Front Porch

In 2004, Thom and Michele Hazelip bought a home in inner-city Nashville, only a few blocks from the housing projects in East Nashville. Shortly thereafter, they opened their front porch, as well as the rest of their home and personal lives, in Christian ministry to the at-risk kids and families of the area. Today, Front Porch Ministry is a thriving ministry, focused on living in relationship with the neighbors they serve. Their motto is: “Impact begins with relationship” and through that relationship they are powerfully and beautifully showing the love of Jesus to their neighbors. Thought the COVID pandemic and since March 2020 they have been serving 60–75 families every week giving out meals, essentials, care and cleaning items, diapers and $15 Kroger cards to each family. From this point forward, families wanting to continue with assistance have agreed to participate in 8 weeks of life skill classes. Volunteers support Front Porch Ministry in a HUGE way. For more information visit: www.frontporch.house.
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