TVC’s Missions, Goals, Vision

OUR MISSION: Why do we exist?

The Village Chapel exists to glorify God through the teaching of His word, through heartfelt worship, and by connecting people with opportunities to live lives of real significance, serving God and their neighbors as a local community of faith.

OUR GOALS: What do we hope to accomplish?

To become a living platform for the love, truth, grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to be shared with the people of Nashville and the surrounding areas. To be a voice calling people to become members of the kingdom of God, to live under God’s loving authority and to reflect outwardly God’s justice, mercy and faithfulness.

A church that isn’t a desert but a stream in the desert

A church that is more like an organism than an organization, more like a movement than an institution, more like a family than a corporation, where people come more out of a sense of divine calling than dutiful membership

A church that reflects humility and respects honesty

A church that reaches the lost and renews the languishing

A church family that reaches out with the love and grace of God to minister to the needs of the entire person — spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically

The kind of church people might be surprised by


So, once again, we go back to the basics.

OUR VISION: What results do we hope to see?

More Worship of God

More Lives Transformed

More Kingdom Living