Men’s Small Groups

Tuesday 6:30-8 am
The Living Room-Hillsboro Village

This Tuesday Morning Men’s Small Group meets in the Living Room at the Hillsboro Village Campus. They start showing up at 6:30 am for coffee and then transition to a time of prayer, Bible study and discussion from 7-8 am. They are currently reading selected passages of the Bible. If you have questions or need additional info, contact Matt Pierson at [email protected].

Wednesday 7-8:30 am
The Chapel-TVC East

The Wednesday Morning Men’s Small Group meets at The Village Chapel East in the Chapel. They begin around 7:15 am, with coffee provided. The group opens with each person’s prayer requests and how their week has been, followed by reading through a chapter or two of a book together. They generally end at 8:30 so everyone can get to work, but if you need to leave early, feel free.  This group is currently reading through C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. Questions? Email Matt Pierson at [email protected].

Wednesday 6:30 pm
Bonus Room-Hillsboro Village

Our newest men’s group meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8 pm in the Living Room at the Hillsboro Village Campus. This group is for Christians or non-Christians who long to be free from the anxieties of life, who want to gain a clear conscience and who want to become detached from thoughts that buzz around in their heads concerning material things. Participants will learn how to be intimate with God, how to lay their troubles down at Jesus’ feet, and how to be strong in the Holy Spirit. Questions? Call Tony Higginbotham at 615-973-1622 or Rod Schumacher at 615-521-9029.

Thursday 6:30-8 am
The Living Room-Hillsboro Village

The Thursday Morning Men’s Small Group has been meeting every Thursday morning from 6:30-8 am for the past 10 or 11 years. Each meeting begins with a “greet and meet” along with coffee and bagels at 6:30, Scripture-based discussion at 6:45ish and a powerful prayer time at 7:40. Newcomers are welcome to join the group at any time or feel free to try them out for a meeting or two. Many members have been attending the group for years and are powerful prayer warriors. Give this group a try if you want to connect with strong Christian men who are ready and willing to include you in their lives. Questions? Email Matt Pierson at [email protected].

Thursday 7:30-9 am
Meridee’s, Franklin

This Thursday Morning Men’s Small Group meets at Meridee’s at 7:30 am. An eclectic group ranging in age from 20s to 60s, they are musicians and songwriters, attorneys and architects. This group studies books by Chesterton, Tim Keller, C.S. Lewis and the Bible. They are currently reading through The Reason for God by Tim Keller. This group leans heavily on fellowship and discussions of faith, culture, art, politics and sports. Come join them at 7:30 am on Thursdays! For more details, contact Matt Pierson at [email protected].

Thursday 6:30 pm
The Chapel-TVC East

The Thursday Night Men’s Group meets from 6:30-8 pm in the Chapel at TVC East, led by Stephen Leiweke. This newly formed group is focused on mutual accountability, sharing each other’s burdens and lifting each other up in prayer. They are willing to go deep and peel back the layers. At 8 pm, the group usually heads to a neighborhood grill for more fellowship. For more info, contact Matt Pierson at [email protected].

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