Redeeming Hope: Restoration for the Injured Spirit

A two-part group event intended to encourage healing and connection

As we look back over the past year of living through the many stressors of a global pandemic, we at TVC are aware of the the enormous toll that this season has taken on our mental and emotional health. We want to continue to support each other as we move forward so we invite you to join us for a special 2 week event: “Redeeming Hope: Restoration for the Injured Spirit.” Many of us have experienced grief and loss, frustration and confusion, hurt and isolation from others. As things begin to change and we slowly start to come out of this acute moment and create a new normal, our minds and bodies may begin to feel it is safe to process the complexities of the past year. Just as physical rehab may be needed for a broken bone, special care and attention can be essential for an injured spirit. Join us via Zoom May 17 and 24 at 7:30 pm for a time of conversational sharing, listening, and praying for one another.  Register for this online event HERE.

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