Grant Schlisner

I prefer to schedule coffee:

Favorite Coffee shop:
Headquarters (on Charlotte), Crema, Bongo Java



I have been a Christian for this many years:
Pretty much my whole life, actually

Number of years at TVC:

Marital Status:

If married, how many years:

How many children do you have?
2 and 2 step-kids (plus 4 chickens, a dog and a cat)

Michigan native transplanted to the South/Chattanooga for most of my life

Bachelor’s in Wellness Management and PT degree from UT-Chattanooga

Current Occupation:
Physical Therapist at Vanderbilt

First Job:
Grocery bagger – first paying job…did free labor (chores) for my dad WAY before that

If I had the day off with no responsibilities, I would:
I would read comic books/throw baseball/football with my son, make crafts with my daughter, go stand-up paddle boarding/kayaking with my wife, do some wood carving, and play the chanter (precursor to the bagpipes). This would need to be longer than a 24 hr. day of course…

My ideal vacation destination:

Favorite Nashville Restaurant:
Seriously my wife is a GREAT cook. But if I go out, I like the Local Taco

Favorite sport/teams:
Nashville Predators and Dallas Cowboys

Favorite concert:
So many good ones…TFK, RED, Disciple, Switchfoot, Nickel Creek

Read the book or watch the movie?
Watch the movie

Movie you like watching/book you like reading more than once:
The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings (for both watching and reading)

In a word to describe your overall temperament:

Were you raised in the church?
Yes—Seventh Day Adventist actually

Some people who have inspired my spiritual life over the years (authors/preachers/mentors):
My dad, C.S. Lewis, Oswald Chambers, Gordon Bietz-pastor growing up, and a lot of people through the years.

A pivotal point in my Christian faith:
When God plucked me from the depths of my stupidity (I know, “which time”? you ask…)

Something I wish someone had told me sooner about walking with the Lord:
The first thing that popped into my head was the 7 truths from Experiencing God study/book:
– God is at work around you
– God pursues a love relationship with you
– God invites you to join Him
– God speaks to you
– Your crisis of belief
– You must adjust your life
– You can experience God

I want to be a mentor because:
I want more interaction with other Christian men, and I really want to give back


CUP OF JOE – Click here to schedule

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