TVC Coronavirus Reponse

Beloved TVCers –

I want to reassure you that we continue to gather wisdom, advice and input from the best medical experts in Nashville and to consult with our TVC Servant Leadership Council regarding TVC’s response to the COVID19 outbreak. With that in mind, out of an abundance of caution, as well as motivated by genuine love for our neighbors, we will continue adapting our regular Sunday Worship Services to online platforms only.

We continue to believe that putting all of our trust in God and at the same time, taking measures to minimize the opportunity for the spread of COVID19 are not mutually exclusive. We believe this is the posture of wisdom as we watch for unfolding developments.


We will not be gathering at our physical locations in Hillsboro Village or East Nashville. Rather, we will invite you to worship together with us exclusively online. You will still see me, Pastor Jim, we can still raise our voices to sing along with a small ensemble of TVC musicians, and we will still pray along with our Curate, Kim Thomas online from TVC – Hillsboro Village.

I probably don’t need to tell you how this difficult time provides an unprecedented opportunity for the Gospel. So, by all means available to you, feel free to invite others who may be fearful in this season of uncertainty to join us. And finally, pray for TVC staff and leadership as we seek to remain faithful to God, to His Word, to His people, and to the hope we have in Christ.

-Pastor Jim

CLICK HERE for help in how to watch the Livestream.

We are adapting our events, programming and groups to virtual gatherings as much as possible. For now, there will be no on-site programming or events until further notice. Stay tuned to for additional information.


Pray for those who are responding, for medical professionals, researchers, government officials, and those who are sick. This is also a wonderful opportunity to pray for revival as we all are reminded of our complete need for and trust in Christ.

Love your neighbor
Check on your neighbors and friends, and particularly the elderly. There may be practical ways to serve them, including grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, and even technology guidance in how to watch the Livestream.

Stay informed
Watch the TVC website for updates, as well as the CDC for best practices.

It is a privilege to be able to gather together each week, and we have never been more aware of that than now. While gathering is a true expression of being the church, it is not the only expression. In the coming days, each of us as individuals, being the hands and feet of Christ, will be a visual and practical expression of the body of Christ.

The State of Tennessee Department of Health has a Public Information Line to answer specific questions and concerns about COVID-19. You can reach this line at 877-857-2945 (Available 10 am – 10 pm CST daily).