Becky Tucker

I prefer to schedule coffee:
I'm flexible



I have been a Christian for this many years:

Number of years at TVC:

Marital Status:

If married, how many years:


If yes, how many:


Current Occupation:
I work from home

If you work from or outside the home, describe your occupation:
Co-Owner of a Graphic Design Company/Business Manager

I have school-aged children:

Two or three words people who know me might use to describe me:
Eccentric, Detail Oriented, Creative

If I had all day to do whatever I wanted, you might find me...:
Making Short Films, Watching Movies, Visiting the Zoo, Antiquing, Going to Yard Sales, Singing in the Choir, Visiting the Beach, Visiting an Amusement Park, Reading a Novel, among other things.

Favorite place to eat out:

Favorite meal to cook for company:
Chicken Tikka Masala, or Banger and Mash

Best nickname I've had:

Worst nickname I've had:

Describe your overall temperament:
Sociable and Outgoing

I was raised:
in the church

When I feel far from the Lord, one of the things that helps me is:
Getting closer to nature and the wonderful things God has created

Biblical character, story, or passage that has particular meaning/significance:
The building of the tabernacle

A couple of authors who have had an impact on my spiritual life:
Tolkien - I am honestly not much of a non-fiction reader outside of the Bible.

Some people who have inspired my spiritual life over the years:
My in-laws, my friend Stephanie Miller, musical artist Bekah Shae

Something valuable that someone told me early on about walking with the Lord:
When I was in a Christian elementary school, we were only allowed to use the KJV of the Bible. My Aunt gave me an NIV, which greatly opened my eyes and made the Bible easier to understand.

Something I wish someone had told me sooner about walking with the Lord:
Sometimes we all stumble, we're only human, but don't ever stop getting up and trying again.

I was drawn to serve in the “Let’s Have Coffee Ministry” because:
Kim asked and I thought it sounded like a great idea. I don't consider myself a spiritual leader, but I have a lot of personal insight, I'll be objective and honest and I have an ear to lend.

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