Julie Guthrie

I prefer to schedule coffee:
I'm flexible



I have been a Christian for this many years:

Number of years at TVC:

Marital Status:

If married, how many years:


If yes, how many:
Four (14, 12, 8 and 5)


Current Occupation:
I'm a stay at home mom

If you work from or outside the home, describe your occupation:
I love to lead small group Bible studies or book groups.

I have school-aged children:
in public school

Two or three words people who know me might use to describe me:
sensitive, intuitive, care-giver

If I had all day to do whatever I wanted, you might find me...:
having coffee with a friend, alone reading a good book, walking and talking with my husband, sitting somewhere quiet with a journal and a pen, eating dark chocolate

Favorite place to eat out:
anywhere with a good friend

Favorite meal to cook for company:
chili or soup and something home-baked

Best nickname I've had:

Worst nickname I've had:

Describe your overall temperament:
a thoughtful, slightly guarded introvert who also enjoys people, a people-pleaser, a nurturer and encourager, between 4 and 6PM - fairly prickly, especially if I am overextended... but that never really happens ;)

I was raised:
in the church

When I feel far from the Lord, one of the things that helps me is:
being alone and/or singing, especially the hymns my mom taught me as a girl

Biblical character, story, or passage that has particular meaning/significance:
God's encounter with Hagar in the desert, Jesus healing the paralytic, Mary Magdalene in the garden on Easter morning

A couple of authors who have had an impact on my spiritual life:
Eugene Peterson, Tom Wright, Henri Nouwen, Steve Guthrie (I know, I know, but it's true!)

Some people who have inspired my spiritual life over the years:
my parents, my sisters, my husband, and many women, young and old, who have shared life with me

Something valuable that someone told me early on about walking with the Lord:
My mom used to sing to me, "You are one of God's great riches."

Something I wish someone had told me sooner about walking with the Lord:
Jesus does not only want to save me from all the ugly things, but his desire is to set me free for the beautiful things.

I was drawn to serve in the “Let’s Have Coffee Ministry” because:
I love meeting women one-on-one and I love me some java!

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