About TVC Youth

Our Mission:

TVC Youth exists to glorify God by helping students grow through relevant studies of God's Word, spiritual life turning-point experiences, local and global opportunities to serve and engaging social events.

Our Goal:

To create a safe environment for students to share freely so they may discover, learn and experience the love, truth, grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. TVC Youth’s goal is to encourage students to draw consistently closer to the loving God, to be a voice calling students to become members of the kingdom of God, as well as to live under and reflect outwardly God's justice, mercy and faithfulness.

Our Vision:

- To Grow Spiritually
- To Grow Socially
- To Grow in Service


Q: Who is welcome at TVC Youth?

TVC Youth is for middle and high school students in grades six through 12. Our students include a wide range of personalities and have many different interests. Our student body is made of youth who attend public school, private school and a variety of home school tutorials all over Nashville and the surrounding communities. Likewise, our students live in all corners of the metro area, coming from different economic and family backgrounds.

Q: When and where do you meet?

Youth from both campuses meet together, most Sundays from 4-6 pm, at TVC Main in the historic St. Bernard Building, in suite C100 (directly below the Chapel). When you arrive, signs mark individual entrances for middle school and high school students.

Q: What can students expect at your weekly Sunday Bible studies?

Middle school and high school students meet in separate meeting spaces, with each group starting out in a large group for some type of activity and a teaching time. The second half of the meeting, the main groups split up by gender into smaller discussion groups. This allows students to share their thoughts and talk about how to apply the lesson to their everyday life.

Each school year we cover multiple series. These range from verse-by-verse biblical studies to topical lessons, often based on issues that are relevant to our current student body. Our goal is to guide students though spiritual formation by teaching an overview of the entire Bible along with in-depth studies of key Biblical events and messages.

Q: What do your social gatherings look like?

The high school and middle school combine a few times a year for social gatherings. These include:
- Fall Reflection (overnight prayer retreat and reflection time)
- TVC Youth Christmas Party
- TVC Youth Retreat (3-day/2-night conference filled with Bible study and fun events like snow skiing, indoor water park, etc…)
- Up All Night (a night full of no sleep and unexpected surprise activities)
- Graduation Celebration
- Week-long Overnight Camps at Barefoot Republic Camp

Each small group also meets periodically for informal smaller gatherings.

You can see announcements for our upcoming events at: youth.thevillagechapel.com.

You can see photos of our past events at: instagram.com/tvcyouth

Q: What service opportunities are you involved in?

The second Saturday of each month we gather with others from The Village Chapel for various service projects. Visit youth.thevillagechapel.com for info on the next upcoming project.

Each summer, TVC Youth attends a mission trip to West Virginia through World Vision. Those who have completed sixth through 12th grade are invited to be a part of this trip in which we show Christ's love through construction projects, working with younger children and building relationships in the community. Fundraising opportunities are held throughout the year to help send students on this life-transforming experience.

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