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Friday Night Chats: Wisdom with Brett McCracken

Join us at TVC Online on Friday, May 7th at 6:30pm for a conversation with Pastors Tommy and Matt as they interview author Brett McCracken on the subject of wisdom. Brett is a Senior Editor and Director of Communications for The Gospel Coalition, and has recently published the book The Wisdom Pyramid: Feeding Your Soul in a Post-Truth World. This online conversation will offer practical insight to all ages and stages and help to orient our hearts and minds towards things that are enduring. Join us as we ask the question, “How can we be faithful followers of Jesus in a world that provides more and more information, but less and less wisdom?”

Friday Night Chats: Seven Days That Divide the World with Professor John Lennox

In January 2021, we welcomed Professor John Lennox from Oxford, England for an inspiring conversation hosted by Pastor Jim as part of our Friday Night Chats series. If you have ever had questions about the book of Genesis, the Creation account or if you have ever wondered what the Bible teaches about what it means to be a human person, we invite you to stream the conversation or read the transcription below.



Jim Thomas: Hey folks, I’m pastor Jim Thomas from The Village Chapel here in Nashville, Tennessee. Alongside me is Professor John C. Lennox, Professor of Mathematics in the University of Oxford., Fellow in Mathematics at the Philosophy of Science and Pastoral Advisor at Green Templeton College in Oxford. He’s the author of many books, including his widely popular God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? and that speaks about the interface between science, philosophy and theology.

Professor John C. Lennox

As well, John has a book we’re going to be talking about today – Seven Days That Divide The World. I’m very excited about that because it coincides with our beginning of study at The Village Chapel here on the book of Genesis. Let me welcome John Lennox. John, you’re speaking to us over in England, I believe, right?

John C. Lennox: I am indeed. I’m just outside Oxford in the country, in the famous Cotswold country…

Jim: Been over there once or twice myself to England and so enjoyed each and every trip. I can just imagine what a delight it is to live right near Oxford there. Your history as I recall, your own story takes you– You’ve been in Oxford quite a bit. Were you a student there in university?

John: No, I grew up in Northern Ireland and then when I was about 18, 19, I went to Cambridge [to study] Mathematics. I spent seven years in Cambridge, did my PhD there and then took up a teaching post at the University of Wales where I was for over 27 years.

Jim: Wow.

John: Then I went from there to the University of Oxford and I’ve been 20 odd years here. I’ve been around a little bit.

Jim: That’s true. Of course, you speak widely, you’ve written many other books as well. We’re going to actually talk about the seven days book in a little bit, but I also think folks would be really curious about your book Where Is God In A Coronavirus World? How has that been received, John?

John C. Lennox - Where is God in a Coronavirus World

John: That’s been received wonderfully well. What happened was that when we were told that this was a serious not only epidemic, but pandemic, I thought we’re going to be shut in and what am I going to be able to do? I thought that perhaps I could try to write something that would help Christians particularly, but not only them to understand the nature of the pandemic and to look at it from a biblical point of view because it raises a huge series of questions.

Friday Night Chats: Psalms with English Poet Malcolm Guite

We invite you to join us for our next Friday Night Chats with English poet Malcolm Guite as he shares his new book David’s Crown: Sounding the Psalm. Malcolm will discuss with Pastor Jim and our Curate Kim how, “The Psalms express every human emotion with disarming honesty, as anger and thankfulness alike are directed at God. All of life is here with its moments of beauty and its times of despair and shame.” 

Throughout his career, Malcolm has published poetry, theology and literary criticisms. He also currently teaches as part of the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge as well as lectures widely throughout England and North America on Theology and Literature. 

We hope you will gather with us on TVC Online on Friday, March 19 at 6:30pm for this timely event.

Friday Night Chats: Celebrating 20 Years of God’s Faithfulness at TVC

February marked the 20th anniversary of The Village Chapel’s very first service right here in Nashville, Tennessee! This special “Friday Night Chats: Celebrating Twenty Years of God’s Faithfulness at TVC” features a conversation with founding pastors Jim & Kim Thomas and our Ministry and Executive Leadership Teams as they take a look back at two decades of God’s faithfulness and a look forward at what kind of church we want to be over the next twenty years.

Friday Night Chats: The Carols of Christmas with Keith Getty

As we approach the holiday season, so many of us are listening to beloved Christmas classics. Join us for our next Friday Night Chats as we welcome songwriter and TVCer Keith Getty as he unpacks the history and stories behind some of the most cherished carols of Christmas. Keith Getty has written countless hymns for the global church that we enjoy singing at TVC including “In Christ Alone”. This conversation will be hosted by Pastor Jim and Pastor Tommy.

You can gather with us on TVC Online on Friday, December 18 at 6:30pm for this special conversation.

Friday Night Chats: Art & Beauty with Charlie Peacock

What does it mean for believers to honor God with the arts? How can we find the beauty of our Creator in the ordinary? We invite you to join us for Friday Night Chats: Art & Beauty with Charlie Peacock. Charlie is a long-time TVCer as well as musician, producer, author and painter. Our Curate Kim Thomas will host this special conversation. 

You can gather with us on TVC Online on Friday, November 13 at 6:30pm for this evening with Kim and Charlie. 

Friday Night Chats: Os Guinness – Carpe Diem Redeemed

In our fast-moving society, how do we make the most of life and the time we have on this earth? We invite you to join us for Friday Night Chats: Os Guinness – Carpe Diem Redeemed. Os will spend time chatting with Pastor Jim about his latest book of the same name and what it means to be a Jesus follower in our modern world. Os and Pastor Jim will also talk about the privileges and responsibilities Christians have as citizens of any given country from a biblical perspective.

You can gather with us on TVC Online on Friday, October 16 at 6:30pm for this conversation with Pastor Jim and Os.

Friday Night Chats: Friendship with Sam Allberry

As we continue to find ourselves in this unique time, cultivating and growing godly friendships is as important as ever. We invite you to gather with us for our new series Friday Night Chats as we welcome author Sam Allberry to share with us on the topic of friendship. Sam Allberry is an editor for The Gospel Coalition and a global speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He is also the author of a number of books, including Is God Anti-Gay? and 7 Myths About Singleness.

You can join us on TVC Online on Friday, September 18 at 6:30pm for this special interview with Pastor Jim and Sam. 

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