20s Sunday Morning Group

Our 20s Sunday Morning Group is led by TVCers Kevin & Kelly Rudd and focuses on growing the faith of attendees. For anyone in theirs 20s or those navigating their career, just out of college or in grad school searching for a community of fellow believers, join us on Sunday mornings!

Now meeting in Basement Meeting Room #1 in the Basement at 10:30-11:30 am on Sundays. Offering a hybrid class (In-person & via Zoom).

Sunday Small Group: 50s+

Our group has been well-served by choosing books with short chapters that can be read and discussed in one meeting. When each chapter stands on its own, newcomers and folks who have been away can return and and not be lost because of what they’ve missed. So beginning May 30th, we will once again been meeting in person. We will be reading and discussing short essays in the book Devotional Classics, edited by Richard Foster and James Bryan Smith. Each attendee will want to have your own copy, which you can buy at Logos Bookstore in Green Hills or find online at Amazon or the publisher’s website: . 50s+ will begin meeting again in person on Sunday, May 30th in The Living Room from 10:30-11:30 am.

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